Almost all the games I bought on the Steam Sale were indie games no more than $5 during the Steam sale, so actually most of them run perfectly fine on my Windows 7 Parallels setup. I also figured out how to connect the wireless Xbox controller Anna had for her computer. Right now the only game I can’t run in my library is The Swapper which I won from a Twitter giveaway.

Other than that though I have Antichamber, To the Moon, Gunpoint and System Shock 2 all of which I’ve never played before. Most of my time I’ve been spending on Mark of the Ninja which I played 2-3 times on Xbox, though the PC version is 1080p which is nice.

Productivity on my fan trailers have been bad to say the least because I get too distracted by either games or the internet. I feel at this point I’m borderline compulsive. I don’t have this problem in an actual work environment but at home left to my own devices it’s an issue.

Made a little progress on my Last of Us fan trailer. Out of frustration I decided to break my rule and watch the official trailers because I had caught a tidbit of one at Comic-Con and realized that there would be very good shots that I can’t get because they were made with an in-game camera that could only be from a non-retail build of the game. Now that I’m armed with some shots that will better serve the trailer in certain spots I’m a bit more confident.

Now if only I can get myself to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time.