Sorry for the late comic. I was pretty tired after working Comic-Con and was enjoying a day off by seeing Pacific Rim.

In case you can’t tell, I LOVED IT. I was saying on Twitter that it was the first time I’ve teared up because something was so freakin’ awesome. Literally “awesome” in this case because the movie inspired awe.

It’s positively insane that it’s not doing better business in the U.S. but this country just doesn’t have the appreciation for giant robots that aren’t insect-looking spikey things designed to sell toys. It’s okay, Japan will surely match the international box office so far when it comes out there.

I was talking with Anna afterwards and we were trying to think of what other directors out there are creating cool fantasy worlds with science fiction and creature elements in them but came up short. I love all the creatures in Guillermo del Toro’s films  and worship the ground he and his concept artists walk upon.

It’s interesting how one director can take robots fighting in a city and have it be such a slog to get through like Transformers 3 and another can make my smile reach critical mass until I can’t smile anymore. That’s the power of a good director there. So many “Oh man, it’s ON” moments in Pacific Rim that just show the sheer joy and sense of fun in the film.