If you’re a gamer then you probably know that the Steam Summer Sale has indeed started (alliteration!). I don’t know that I’m as bad as other people out there but I do own quite a few games on Steam, five of which I know that I can’t actually play because my computer is a Mac.

Yesterday I bought: Antichamber, Starseed Pilgrim, Kairo, Botanicula and Cart Life for a grand total of less than $18. I know that SOMEDAY I’ll own a dedicating gaming PC but for the moment I’m playing games that either have Mac versions or work in Windows running on Parallels.

The way I decide whether a new console is worth buying is by how many games there are for the system that I actually want to play. Usually the tipping point for me is somewhere around 4-5 games that I want even though I wouldn’t actually get that many once I bought the console because that could potentially be $200+ on top of buying the console.

It has no occurred to me that by this logic I should’ve bought a gaming PC AGES ago. But it’s still an expensive and daunting prospect. Especially because I’d want to go through the process of building my own as a rite of passage and also to keep costs down. When will it happen? I have no idea.


EDIT: Just bought Runner 2 + Soundtrack + DLC for $9.99 during its flash sale.