I’m nearing the end of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword right now, though had I not occasionally consulted a FAQ I’d probably still be several hours behind where I am in the game now. I don’t consult a FAQ when I’m solving dungeons unless I feel like I’m on the right track but for some reason something is not working and usually it turns out it was a minor control issue.

The parts of the game where I don’t give it a second thought to use a FAQ is usually when an NPC says something to me in the order of “Go find…” Because usually it involves very tedious searching not based on memory or something I just learned. Or sometimes it is based on memory of something that I haven’t looked at in ages. I like the game but the worst parts are fetch quests, tedious searching for items and the unskippable text.

Combat, dungeon design, puzzle design are all a ton of fun, but the stuff in between bogs the game and pacing down a lot. I hope they manage to streamline the game in the future, especially those text boxes where for example, every single shop explains the entire concept of their business every single time you talk to them.