This weekend I resumed playing “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” after what must’ve been at least a year since I last played it. It’s a top notch Zelda game with combat that is actually very interesting because of the Wii motion plus controls. The dungeon and boss design are all a lot of fun to play too.

The thing I’m growing tired of in Zelda games is how transparent it is how long the game is going to be with all the items that you have to collect from one dungeon each. I like the gameplay but it’s kind of a drag to get something with X number of empty slots and seeing that hurdle.

I think Eiji Aonuma said that the next major Zelda game might be more similar to the original in its sense of discovery which would be a welcome change. I like it when you’re discovering things in a game and don’t know how far you are into it except for a nebulous “feel” for where you might be in the game. In a  10-15 hour game you can generally sense where you are in the game just like in a movie you can.

But with Zelda games, seeing how much longer you have ahead of you is kind of demotivating in a way. I’m always excited for new Zelda games but hope that the formula gets shaken up in the next iteration.