I don’t understand anti-gay marriage people and frankly it’s exhausting trying to. I’ve tried to comprehend how it is that their lives are affected by this on a day to day basis, but I’ve come to realize that they probably think that gay marriage will be bad for the future of humanity. Kind of like how not investing in renewable energy will be bad for the future of humanity.

They also say stuff like how male/female marriage is “natural.” Are they worried people aren’t having enough babies? Because guess what, repopulating is not really a problem unless you’re somewhere like Japan.

Also, worrying about kids being messed up by a gay marriage is pretty dumb because bad parents of any type are bad for children. Equally asinine is worrying that gay marriages will produce gay children, especially because so many gay children are born of hetero marriages.

Also the “sanctity of marriage” ? I’m sure then they’re 100% okay with casino weddings, city hall weddings or weddings where no rings are exchanged. Or you know, divorce.

I can’t wait until the future when I can look back and tell kids that I was around when gay people couldn’t marry. Kind of like how older people now can tell us about the time when interracial marriage wasn’t allowed.

< / rant >