Stupid is too harsh depending on the context. Yes, the program is designed to be used in a very specific way, whereas other editing apps are generally designed to accomodate how you work so that several people can use it how they wish without having to spend too much time relearning. This is important for some people because they don’t have the benefit of a lot of downtime to spend retraining themselves or their staff.

This week I’m working all in Final Cut Pro X for my E3 gig. I had immersed myself in it for several weeks before so that I could get used to it. It took a while but I started to understand the program to the point where I was no longer flat out yelling at the program, but instead working around its quirks. There are still ├é┬ánumerous things about it that are not great (within the context of its design).

I’m going to have an extensive set of blog posts later on my portfolio site to function as guides for editors interested in learning it, but find normal video tutorials describing features inadequate. The focus will be on how to “think differently” with FCP X which is the cop out answer I’ve received many times when asking questions about how to best learn it.