WARNING: will contain talk about kitten poop.

Kittens who are being fed a diet of formula tend to get backed up. So when we were worried about our kittens we were Googling for what to do and came upon a forum thread about the “triangle method.” There was even a YouTube video where a nurse was doing it and in big text on the video it said something like “Pay close attention, here’s the triangle method.” But the view was pretty obscured so we were still left with many questions.

Then we read more of the thread hoping people figured it out and described it, but no, it was more people saying “THE TRIANGLE METHOD WORKS.” It was basically like the three seashell scene from Demolition Man. Everyone was referring to it but no one outside of the know could have any earthly idea what was going on.

SO. As far as I can glean, the Triangle Method is just taking three fingers and pinching around the kitten’s butt to massage it and guide the poop out. I know any parent would scoff at a person saying that having pets is similar, but I’d say that on the poop front, there must be common ground.