Thought I’d take it easy on the comicking today and just talk a bit about my mom (who is awesome). As a typical Asian family we don’t really get very sentimental around each other, so it’s ironic that the least embarrassing way to do something like this is to tell EVERYONE about it.

My mom is not what you probably imagine when you think of an Asian mom. She’s just out there to have fun and I think what she wants for my sisters and I is to enjoy what we’re doing. I remember in 7th grade it was parents’ night and my history teacher Mr. Killilea had everyone number a list of things from most important to least important. They were things like family, money, entertainment, fame and stuff like that. Everyone chose family first, except my mom who chose entertainment. I’ll always remember the big smile on her face as she sat there, the only person raising her hand for entertainment, not self conscious in the slightest.

One of my other favorite stories is one where she was at a gathering of several other Asian parents. The vast majority of them were talking about their kids in med school or law school or something similar. But my mom had the ultimate conversation stopper: that one of her daughters was in art school. No seriously, they didn’t know how to continue this conversation. That’s awesome unto itself but it’s more awesome because she also LOVED that they were taken aback by this.

She’s also a great cook and has even taken inspiration from episodes of Iron Chef which we used to all watch religiously (Japanese version). I know it’s probably the easiest recipe for her to make, but I LOVE her fried rice. I don’t know what everyone else is doing so wrong, but they could learn a thing or two.

Growing up my parents owned a laserdisc and later DVD store (yes laserdiscs, if you’re under 30, check Wikipedia) They kind of fell into it, but ran it for most of my life. My mom loves movies too, especially Gone With the Wind. We’d go to the movies all the time and when they had Jackie Chan marathons at the Brattle Theatre in Boston we’d go to every single one, often see a double feature. Her only stipulation is no movies about family problems and movies that are too “mixed up.” An example of a “mixed up” movie would be the first X-Men, she also thought it was a cheap plot device that Mystique could look like anyone. We watched a lot of movies growing up, and she always had to sit to my left.

She’s also take me to the mall all the time to go clothes shopping because she said that for some reason she didn’t get tired when I was around. I have no idea why that was but I went with it. I also used to bother her to take me to the arcade so that I could play games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Final Fight, Terminator 2 and the Simpsons game. It was probably super annoying whenever I’d chant that I wanted to go, but she still took me. Actually she’s also REALLY GOOD at skee ball. I’d go off with my $3-5 worth of quarters and by the time I was done I’d find her with huge swaths of tickets which I’d save up and get stuff with.

So that’s probably embarrassing enough, but sufficient to say my mom is awesome on her own and awesome for supporting all of us in whatever we wanted to do. Whenever we say goodbye on Skype she always asks me to call her if “anything new” happens. And always to have fun!

Happy day after Mother’s Day