Sorry for this TOTALLY SHAMELESS PLUG, but the new game from The Behemoth (creator of Castle Crashers) BattleBlock Theater is finally out! I’ve been following this game since its first reveal and at the time I never would’ve imagined I’d have a hand in finishing it!

I had the amazing opportunity to animate the cutscenes in the game (except for the few hand drawn/animated bits by Dan Paladin). I’m SUPER proud of the work I did on this game and hope that it’s up to the high standards of the Behemoth and that everyone who plays the game enjoys them.

If you don’t already know, the game is a puzzle platformer game with a story that can be played single player or with a partner online or offline (the levels are different depending on if you play 1 or 2-player). I liken the campaign to Portal in many ways because of the puzzles and how smart it often made me feel when I figured it all out.

The story is you’re on a ship having an adventure with your friend Hatty Hattington and hundreds of other friends when a massive storm has you crashed on an island which is apparently run by cats who force people to perform in “plays” for their amusement in the abandoned theater they inhabit. So it’s up to you to get through all the plays and save Hatty and your friends.

The gameplay is all about collecting gems and getting to the exit of each level. It’s a little bit like Super Meat Boy, but not nearly as punishing because on the normal difficulty you have infinite lives and checkpoints. It’s one of the only platformer games where I’ll often laugh when I die, especially when playing with a partner that I intentionally or unintentionally mess with while trying to get through a level.

Then there’re a lot of multiplayer arena modes with 2v2 matches where you might be beating up other players, stealing their soul, collecting gold from a flying golden whale or playing some crazy basketball game. The games can get really intense but are always fun and amusing. On top of that there’s a level editor. The level editor is really easy to use and for me not as intimidating as something like Little Big Planet. I’m really stoked to see what the community comes up with its own levels.

Sorry for the extended sales pitch but I’m really excited. I promise I won’t push the game like this in any comics in the future, but I hope that if you have an Xbox that you’ll at least try the trial version which will let you see one of the cutscenes I animated.

If you do pick it up maybe you’ll see me playing in the arenas 😉

P.S. It’s 1200 MS points or $15. Also I have no idea if/when it’s coming to other platforms like PS3 or PC.