My scalp has still been super itchy and I have no idea whether or not the shampoo I got is helping at all. I’m writing this Tuesday night before leaving because I had to do comics in preparation for the time I’m going to be away. I’m hoping that the trip back to the East coast will make my body hate me less.


I have a pretty good sized list of games that I want to see there, mostly from the Indie Megabooth. Due to their announcement on Tuesday, Supergiant Games’ new game Transistor is at the top of my list for games to check out. Seriously, the excitement at a new game from the creators of Bastion is almost enough to make me forget how excited I am to also finally play BioShock Infinite next week.

Oh! And a shameless plug. The Behemoth (the indie game company Anna makes plush for full time) recently announced the release date for their long in development game BattleBlock Theater. I animated the cutscenes from the game in After Effects and the release date trailer that also came out Tuesday features a sample of what I did for the game. So please check it out!

The game comes out for Xbox Live Arcade on April 3rd and I’m super biased but it’s SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN. Anna and I have wanted to play it since it was announced and even though I’ve been able to play a hefty portion of it I still cannot wait to finally own it. Also I’m SUPER PROUD of the work I did on it and can’t wait for people to see it!