Now that I think about it, maybe I should get a third box of granola bars. If experience has taught me anything is that when you’ve been walking around for hours and haven’t stopped for lunch, and have been stuffing trail mix in your face, a granola bar feels like a legitimate meal by comparison. I think just the chewiness is what does it.

Yes, the Galaxy Nexus has a TERRIBLE battery which I think usually stems from having no signal on Sprint. We’re going to have multiple batteries and an external portal battery charger thing. I’m sure there are iPhone users out there pointing and laughing. Seriously though, phone is one of the essential things in PAX just in order to keep up with Twitter feeds and minute to minute updates that can be the difference between finding out a panel is full before or after walking across the entire Boston Convention Center.

Next two year contract I’m going to just go with whatever phone has better battery life whether Android or iPhone. Not considering Windows phone even though I think the interface looks kind of cool.