Last night Anna and I went with a friend to see the movie Thermae Romae which is a Japanese film based off a manga about a bath architect in ancient Rome (played by Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe) who is magically warped to present day Japan via various baths or bodies of water. There he catches a glimpse of the various modern Japanese bath technologies and implements them into new designs in ancient Rome.

It’s a funny movie and the actor actually won the Japanese academy award equivalent for his performance.

Anyway, there was an older woman sitting next to Anna who had some caramel popcorn inside of a plastic concession container. Apparently this woman thought that the best solution for her eating her popcorn would be to open the container PAINSTAKINGLY SLOWLY which means a lot of plastic grinding noise for what felt like a minute every time she opened it. Then she would eat a few kernels and shut it. She would then repeat this process countless times during the film and it would get exponentially more annoying every time.

Oh and she was also one of those people who says aloud the things in the movie as if she’s made a grand deduction about the plot when in fact she’s just pointing out what’s happening on the screen at that exact moment. Also she pointed at things on the screen, as if her husband wasn’t watching the same movie at the time. But I wasn’t looking at her husband, maybe he was watching something on and iPad or phone and needed to be told to pay attention.