So far my resolution to do push ups and sit ups every day has been pretty darn successful in terms of consistency. I’m sure lots of guys shower immediately after strength training so they can see how big their muscles look before they go back to a more “normal” size after exercising.

Feeling better about how I look of course is one of many desirable outcomes of this, but also having more practical strength is even cooler. I remember the months after starting kung fu I would notice how much easier it was to climb stairs which was pretty awesome.

I haven’t been doing any kung fu practice in a while though which I’m disappointed in myself for slacking on. My hope is that the ab exercises will have helped by the next time I’m practicing again because seriously, you use abs for EVERYTHING.

The way I’m looking at it is that before the beginning of this year I didn’t do either exercises on anything close to a daily basis before, so any little bit every day is good. Not focusing too much on quantity even though I have gradually increased whenever I felt like I could push it a bit further.