I watched the Playstation 4 announcement yesterday and aside from a few interesting things about the machine’s interface I wasn’t terribly wowed. I will love to be able to play demos without downloading and also start playing a game before it has finished downloading, but aside from that there wasn’t too much that piqued my interest. The video streaming is pretty huge for people who make “Let’s Play” videos though I’m not sure if that will be something easily transitioned to YouTube, but potentially that’s huge.

In terms of games there was a lot of what already exists but more of it with better graphics, but if I was interested in that then I’d be a PC gamer. It’s intriguing to me that Jonathan Blow is releasing “The Witness” as a timed PS4 exclusive, but I was interested in that game separate from its new PS4 announcement. Now I just know that I’ll have to wait until at least the end of the year to play the game.

We’ll see what Microsoft comes out swinging with later, but for now still not dying to get a PS4 or Vita. E3 will surely be the deciding moment when we see what games are coming out and whether they’ll justify a purchase this holiday season.

If there’s an Uncharted 4 then HECK YEAH. Also it occurs to me that I would have the unique opportunity to not only avoid any trailers for a new Uncharted game but potentially be super duper wowed since it will be a console jump (if it’s in development of course).