It’s with a heavy heart I tell you that yesterday afternoon after a long two weeks, we put Inari to sleep when it became clear that it was time for her to move on. She passed in the best way possible we could’ve hoped for which was at home with us on our bed resting beside us. For the past year or two I knew this moment would be coming soon but  nothing could prepare me for it even as I snuggled her knowing that day might be the last. I take comfort in knowing that it was the best thing for her, we did our best, and that she loved us as much as we loved her.

Inari was 17 years and 9 months old which is about 88 years old in cat years! She looked great considering she was a diabetic kitty for the last 7 years, and every vet I ever met said she didn’t look her age at all. I was still impressed at her energy at 17 when I would play with her with cat toys.

When Anna and I first started going out I didn’t think too much about Inari but gradually I grew to love her more and more. Oddly enough it started when I was away and Anna sent me a photo telling me that Inari had thrown up food on my shoes (she did that to Anna when she was away). I found it incredibly endearing, this small sign that she recognized that I existed as a distinct person in her life. After all it’s hard not to feel flattered when you earn the favor of someone who does not share their affections lightly.

Later, when Anna would be away on business trips, Inari would sleep in her cat igloo at night, but eventually joined me on the bed at night (albeit snuggling against a pair of Anna’s pajamas). Also she would bring to me her favorite panda toy to wherever I was, meowing as she brought it from one room to the other. One time it was in fact a mouse she had caught but not killed, the rest of that story is best left vague…

Late 2011 when we were transitioning to San Diego, it was just Inari and myself for several months. She would rest on top of my messenger bag which I kept next to my desk. Anna had taught me earlier that cats love to sit on flat things on the floor (like clockwork!), but again I found it incredibly flattering. I’d say the ultimate flattery was when my lap would be chosen as her place of rest, to this day I think the number of times can only be counted on two hands which means I enjoyed the heck out of it every time that it happened. The last of which was not a few days ago both at the hospital and at home.

Inari was my first kitty and even though it was only a short five years I miss her deeply. I have hundreds of memories of her that I will forever hold dear to my heart (and probably thousands of photos).

Sleep in peace sweet kitty, I’ll see you in my dreams!