When I moved to the West Coast I knew that I was eventually going to have to do a lot of driving on the freeway. I incorrectly assumed that an area so dependent on freeways would have awesome freeway signage. While I commend the signs that tell me which lanes are for the exit only and also the arrows painted on the ground to indicate which lanes to merge, the exit signs are HORRIBLE.

Basically, they don’t put the exit numbers on any signs EXCEPT the exit number signs. Which means that if you’re not prepared you’ll totally mix the exit because you didn’t realize it was coming up unless you were paying close attention to the city names the exit will put you towards. On the East coast, the highway signs show the exit numbers at LEAST one time before the actual exit so you know it’s coming up.

I was talking to some friends who’ve been on the West coast longer than me and they tell me that exit numbers are a relatively new thing here and that before it was even worse.