Oops, I realized while I was drawing the bubbles that he wouldn’t have a New York ID anymore because he got a California license. Oh well, continuity shmontinuity.

Yep, it has now been an entire YEAR since we moved to San Diego from New York. Actually it was yesterday, but I wanted to do the lasagna one because that’s what we had for dinner.

I’m excited to say that both of us have things that we’ve done in this past year that are finally going to be revealed to the world very soon. I admit that the first several months I did a whole lot of nothing, but the big project I was working on at the end of the year is definitely some of the stuff I’m most proud of in my professional career.

As for San Diego I’d say we’re fairly well adjusted to it now. I got a car, can basically drive to the important places (supermarket, Japanese supermarket) without using GPS. One thing that still irritates me is that I still get super dizzy from the dryness. I’m looking forward to my body finally getting the clue and adjusting. Though that’ll probably mean that my body will completely hate non-San Diego weather after that. Oh well.

Also glad to say I think I still can walk fast like the best of New Yorkers. My kung fu has surely deteriorated over the past year of having no instruction, but I still remember the basics of each class during the week and as part of my resolution I’ve been stretching every day.

I still consider myself “recently moved” to San Diego and probably still will after yet another year. Looking forward to visiting again this March after PAX East. We seriously need a bagel/ramen injection to get us through the year.