Just yesterday I finally finished my trailer for the game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West which is a post apocalyptic game loosely based off of the Journey to the West story from China. Some people might be more familiar to it as the Monkey King story or from the TV show Monkey. It’s been adapted in countless ways but this game is a science fiction take.

I made the trailer because I really liked the game and even though it had good critical success, the sales were absolutely abysmal. So I also wanted to make a trailer in hopes that it inspires more people to play it.

Now that I’m done distilling 10 hours of gameplay into two and a half minutes I’m left with the archiving process which will ultimately end in me deleting hundreds of gigs of data which never ever feels good to do. In fact, I still have all the video files from my Uncharted 3 trailer I did last year. But if I do clear it off then that means more space for other projects. I don’t like to do multiple videos of one game because there are so many games I want to do trailers for, but it still feels weird to delete the files.

Anyway, please watch my trailer! I embarrassingly picked at it for six months but the sum total of all the work I did couldn’t amount to more than a week or two. Now I’m excited to move onto the next project!