Recently I’ve been messing around with 3D programs because I figured that it was time I learned something about 3D graphics in order to continue growing as someone who does video production sort of work. When just messing around and creating stuff I had a sudden moment where I felt like a kid just making whatever (and by whatever, I mean a really lame looking boxy space ship).

Then I started thinking about when was the last time I tried to just draw some random stuff. It turns out when I try to draw random stuff, I just think about all different kinds of food.

As I was playing with some abstract shapes in 3D it occurred to me more than ever that it’s really ridiculous how much time people in the video game industry dedicate to re-creating real life stuff instead of making new and wacky stuff. Serious respect for those out there who can just create stuff from their imagination that looks like nothing else you’d find anywhere else.