I wouldn’t call myself an After Effects expert but I certainly know my way around the program. Lately I’ve been using it every day for several weeks for this big project I’ve been working on. Part of it involves using lots of lights and yes, there are four of them. The first big comp in this project was the first one I had done which used such an extensive amount of lights.

But recently when I opened it I realized that I had an absurd number of them on at the same time in some sections which I realize now is the reason that the comp almost literally took a week of rendering off and on. The reason being that After Effects has to take into account every single light, its shadows and the effect on all the layers in the scene.

Fortunately I’ve been much more efficient in how I use them in the later parts of the project and nothing has taken more than a good night’s sleep to render.

Can’t wait until the day I can talk about what I’ve been working on, it’s going to be EPIC.