I’ve been very busy with work lately which means that I haven’t done any kung fu practice in ages. I’m really really the type of person who needs a regular scheduled to keep and the social pressure to attend class. I’m lucky that I have a good memory though because I can still remember the routines I would do in class in New York.

That said, I’ve long since past the point where when you try kicking and suddenly you seem super flexible, but it’s all an illusion because I know that the first time I exercise next time, two days later my legs are going to be super inflexible and it’ll be a miracle if I can kick past my waist. People would be impressed when I told them I went to kung fu practice three times a week. Seriously though, three times a week isn’t really much if you want to get really good.

Work is winding down a bit pretty soon, so I have to get off my ass and practice again!