Most of the positive comments I’ve read about Final Cut Pro X usually refer to having a period of time where flat out nothing made sense and once they got over that hump then things became much much better.

I’ve finished a good chunk of organizing for the project I’m doing in FCP X and was starting to get into the editing just a bit. Or getting into it enough that I was looking up how to do certain things every few minutes.

WARNING: this next part will be super boring if you’re not into video editing software.

Some things I like:

Keyboard shortcuts for “trim start/end” which are known as “ripple trim previous/next edit to playhead” in Premiere Pro. These are super handy

Keyboard shortcuts for trimming a section selected with in/out points and trimming the head and tail. Something new, and will probably be handy.

Being able to select a cut with a keyboard shortcut, then trimming it. In FCP 7 you had to manually select the cut.

Some things I don’t like:
FCP X is very mouse centric in terms of the cursor taking priority over the playhead in many cases. For example if my playhead is over one clip and my cursor is over another and I press “mark clip” it’ll mark the one under the cursor and not the playhead. So I’ll have to shove the mouse away first to mark the one under the playhead (or move the cursor to that clip)

Also, when zooming into the timeline, again it shows preference for the cursor, though it doesn’t center the zooming area which means if I’m zooming in on a spot to the far right, when I’m zoomed in, it’ll still be on the far right, just zoomed in. Which means I’ll have to scroll over with the scroll bar which is now super tiny (or I’ll use the Zoom tool, but who does that?)

Marker names do not show up anywhere like they do in FCP 7 and Avid (Premiere Pro needs to get on this too). But the really baffling thing is that if you have Next/Prev Marker shortcuts set to a letter key (mine I usually have as E and R) then the Next/Prev Marker shortcut function will take priority. That means that if they’re set to E and R, you can’t type those letters in the marker name because the cursor will move when you hit those keys.

No start transition at cut or end transition at cut.

Still kicking the tires, will hopefully finish my project before the Trial runs out in a couple weeks. Worst case scenario I’ll buy Xto7 and export my sequence to Final Cut Pro 7 and/or Premiere Pro. Hopefully I’ll understand the software better by the end of the trial period.