I was in a bar in NYC with friends when Obama was first elected. Of course it would be difficult to replicate the vibe of that night in any circumstance, but this time just hearing it called in that dry news anchor voice was rather anti-climactic. Naturally any news program wouldn’t exactly stoop to going “HELL YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH OBAMA!!!!” but it was kind of funny how it just sort of happened with no fanfare.

Plus, being on the West coast this time meant meant I didn’t have to wait until very late night to hear the results. Had I been in NYC it would’ve been nearly midnight and then I would’ve had to wait until after midnight to hear Obama’s victory speech.

My hope has always been that now that Obama doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected that the kid gloves would come off and he’d even more aggressively pursue his endeavors.

We’ll see how it goes but I’m optimistic!