Anna and I are slurpers all the way, which is the norm in Asia as far as I know. I know it’s considered impolite in Western cultures to slurp, but that’s part of the fun of eating ramen noodles! We were at a ramen place recently when we realized that just about everyone around us was doing the bit by bit biting method. No one was staring at us or anything, but it was just odd to see.

Then we saw an American girl eating her noodles like in the fourth panel. It’s even more absurd when your arms are longer than my comic characters. Dangling the noodles high above her head, putting the bottom part into her mouth first and lowering them in.

Fun fact, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the Cup Noodles commercials in Japan they tried to get him to slurp his noodles, but he just couldn’t do it. Well, he does it a TINY bit, but still you can see him biting and using his tongue mostly.