I’m a video editor by trade, but I do know a decent amount about After Effects. I wish I could call myself a a motion graphics artist because that would be badass (and I’d have much cooler looking stuff), but I’d say I’m only decent-ish with it.

Right now I’m working on a big project which is by far the most advanced use of After Effects that I’ve ever done before and the render times are MASSIVE. Like, for the first part of this I’m looking at multiple days worth. I’m learning a whole lot about the program and the end result will be totally awesome, but holy crap. This is the first project I’ve ever done where I’ve started thinking about network rendering with multiple computers which both excites and frightens me.

I can’t wait to finally show people this project when it’s all done. It’ll definitely look great on my reel and I’m already super proud of it.

In other news I spent all of Sunday playing the game “Sleeping Dogs” which is an open world game that takes place in Hong Kong. I’m having a really good time with it and probably close-ish to the end. It’s probably the most interesting modern day open world game that I’ve played. GTA IV never excited me terribly and “Saints Row the Third” was fun but I couldn’t get entirely into it.

I’d say “Sleeping Dogs” has the best mix of story and gameplay mechanics that I’ve had in an open world game. I’d very much recommend it if you’re into those types of games. I’m playing the Xbox version, but I’ve heard that the PC version is super slick if you have a nice PC.