Nope, it wasn’t very good. Not the worst I’ve ever had (the Boston Starbucks I once got a plastic wrapped bagel from has that honor) but still nothing special or worth revisiting. I tried the raisin bagel with cream cheese and aforementioned plain bagel with lox, tomato etc. I’ve wrote at length about what the perfect bagel is like, and the chief things usually are the crispiness, fluffiness, chewiness and elasticity.

The elasticity is especially what is missing when you have a bad bagel. A bready round bread bagel will come apart easily whether you’re biting into it or breaking a piece off. A bagel you tear a piece off, a breadle you can break a piece off.

So according to several San Diego Yelpers, that was the closest you’ll get in San Diego to a New York bagel. Well, the closest is still quite far indeed. I shudder to think how far away you can get from a good ‘ole New York bagel.