When we opened our paper bags the bagel with lox was in a paper tray like they use to serve french fries out of. There were enough ingredients on each side that it was clear that you weren’t meant to sandwich them together and eat them that way. Never seen a bagel sandwich served this way. So how was it? The lox wasn’t anything to write home about, not much flavor to it.

The bagel wasn’t the worst I’ve ever had (the Starbucks in Boston has that honor) but it does fall into the category of “round bread” that I expected. The real difference is in how easily it comes apart when you tear it or bite into it. A good bagel will be fluffy but still have a kind of stretchy tear to it. A round bread bagel will just come apart easily in one bite or if you tear a piece off.

Of course writing about this just makes me want a really good bagel. There’s another place here which is supposed to be pretty good. I will try theirs as well, for science. In both places I’ve seen reviews saying they’re the “closest” you’ll find to a New York bagel.

Of course, the star closest to our solar system is still several light years away.