Since it came out last week I’ve been super addicted to the new XBLA game Mark of the Ninja. Which is a 2D stealth game by Klei Entertainment who previously made the Shank games. Not since Tenchu has there been a ninja game where the ninja were actually stealthy instead of flipping out and killing people all the time like in Ninja Gaiden. I’ve been saying that this game does for ninja what Arkham Asylum did for Batman.

I’m already on my THIRD play through and it’s been in no way fatiguing in the way that replaying games can sometimes be. It’s SO. MUCH. FUN. The first time I played I did a lot of stealth killing, the second time I used a special suit to try to do a no-kill run (somehow I did end up killing maybe three guards). Now I’m going through and doing a “Path of Nightmares” play through which involves terrorizing guards using the dead bodies of their comrades.

It all sounds super grim and it really is when you list down all the horrible things you can do to the enemies, but like I said it’s SO MUCH FUN. The control is super tight to the point where you sometimes impress yourself with how slickly you end up doing something. The controls enable you to react like a ninja assuming ninja are super dextrous at using gamepads.

Anyway, if you have an Xbox 360 then GET IT. If you don’t then you’ll either have to get an Xbox or wait for the PC version. PS3 users don’t hold your breath.