I talked a couple times about how bad my NYC neighbors were at sorting recycling. Well here in California it’s even worse. First of all there aren’t any barrels to sort into, there are just barrels by the dumpster and every possible recyclable material goes in the same barrel. Boxes are stuffed always stuffed into the barrels not cut down at all which means there’s tons of empty space blocked by the awkwardly wedged in boxes.

Then you have all the sorts of things that someone either thought was recyclable or they put in there to feel less guilty about the stuff they were throwing out. One thing looked like the handle of a vacuum but looked like it had copper pipes coming out of it. Also I saw a dozen assorted hinges that look like they’re from furniture.

Pretty much anything goes here. I’d like to think that when our recycling reaches the plant that there’s someone who thinks to themselves “Whoo hoo, I love these people who cut apart their boxes before putting them in the recycle barrel.” More likely they’re thinking about how much they hate people who don’t sort recycling well.