Sadly, moving out of New York has meant that portable gaming has reached newer levels of obsolescence in my life. In New York I could count on almost two hours a day when I could get in some serious gaming during my subway commute. It becomes ever clearer how the DS and 3DS are so much more popular in Japan where public transit is much more of a thing than in most of the U.S.

I’ve been chipping away at “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” for ages now. At this point I’ve forgotten what the heck I’m supposed to do next and getting around on the train is kind of boring especially when I don’t know where to go. PAX is the only time I travel now so it’s the only time I try to pick the game up again. As you read this I most likely have made no new progress.

EDIT: While at PAX I played a teensy bit of the game while in the hotel. I had to look up a FAQ to get my bearings and ended up doing only one side mission.