One of the writers on that I follow on Twitter was relishing the opportunities he occasionally gets when informing commenters that words he’s used in his articles are not misspellings but in fact, actual words. In this case he had written “are often wont to do” to which the commenter attempted to correct him by saying “as they are often want to do.”

Then it got me thinking about how I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “pique” used with its actual spelling.  I think a lot of the internet never learned this word with the proper spelling. In fact, I would guess about 42% of the people using it on the internet say “peaked my interest” instead of “piqued my interest.” The fact is that 2,270,000 search results come up for the incorrect spelling, and 3,020,000 results for the correct one.

Now, in the interest of keeping the proper spelling ahead on the internet:

piqued my interest, piqued my interest, piqued my interest, piqued my interest, piqued my interest.