I’ve been avoiding comics about the trolley because I didn’t want to go through the effort of drawing it. But I was out of comic ideas so it was about time I tapped this well.

The doors don’t open automatically because the platform is never full, so this way only the doors people need get opened. One weird thing though is that if a train is idle in a station, people will walk through the train because there are buttons inside and outside of the train.

The most curious thing about the trolley is that it seems to run on the honor system. The fine for riding without a ticket or compass card is something like $100. We’ve only had our tickets checked ONCE since we got here over six months ago. It probably would’ve come out to about even had we not bought tickets this entire time and then got fined, but we’ve never risked it. I think only one other time we saw some people get caught with no ticket, some people got off with a warning and some others weren’t so lucky.