Was waiting for easier instructions to root my phone but I decided to bite the bullet after the terrible battery life I had during Comic-Con. So it’s all done and I re-installed Set CPU so that the phone would set the CPU to the lowest setting when the phone’s off. Already I’m seeing the difference in battery usage.

I have bad reception in our apartment so when it’s searching for signal it would run the battery down constantly. Before, I could leave my phone unplugged all night and it would only have gone down a few points. With my Galaxy Nexus it’d be damn near dead if it was at something like 60% when I went to bed.

As I write this I’ve had my phone unplugged for almost 8 hours and it’s only gone down to 88%. I haven’t used it much during that time, maybe install some apps, check twitter etc. Looking forward to seeing where the battery is at when I wake up.

I do still wonder what it’s like owning an iPhone because I don’t hear iPhone users complain about battery life like you do with Android phone owners. In fact, any iPhone user reading this is probably thinking that it’s ridiculous that Android users have to jump through all these hoops to get something as fundamental as good battery life.

Seriously Google, why not just have the CPU set super low when the screen is off?