Okami might be one of my favorite games ever. I beat it on PS2, watched Anna play a lot of it on Wii and also played Okamiden. I’ve been dreaming of them making one for WiiU but I’m not holding my breath. So the announcement that an HD remake was coming to PS3 was definitely the next best thing! Yup, I’ll be picking that up.

I’ll want to find out what the options are for the Playstation Move controls before going down that hole, because shaking a controller to attack in that game is just unacceptable. To this day, Anna still has a weird clicking in her right wrist that she got from playing Okami on the Wii. It’d be my hope that the motion was only used for the brush, and attacking was mapped to buttons. Or just that controls are customizable. I mean seriously, the cost of entry to Playstation Move is not insignificant ESPECIALLY considering there are no good games for it except I hear that sports game which is Wii Sports for Playstation. Other than that it seems to be a pretty dead device.