Whenever I have access to a copy of Windows that I either own or know the owner of, I usually get my name on the beginner or intermediate versions of Minesweeper. There are several versions that exist on Mac at this point and on my phone, but something about getting the one score on Windows is something I just have to do.

Parallels isn’t the best way to run Windows on a Mac because bootcamp would be ideal, but for lower level games it works just fine. I’m not sure where the limit is for games, but mostly I just want to play point and click adventure games or games that are at least ten years old and probably go for $5-10 on Gog or Steam.

Any recommendations? Actually, people who aren’t die hard Mac users probably don’t know which games were ported over. If I was a PC user all my life I’d probably assume there weren’t any games at all that were released on Mac.