I had to ship a package to a friend in NYC overnight via Fedex, but the zip code I had when I first went to ship it turned out to be incorrect. I later got the correct zip code and returned to fix it. Turns out it was about $7 more with the new zip code, but the person working there didn’t make me pay the extra $7 even though it was no fault of their own I had the wrong zip code.

I then started thinking of how soft this person was compared to if this had happened in NYC in which case they would’ve just had me pay the difference. Maybe this person here just didn’t want to ring up another transaction. But after I was thinking that they were too soft I started feeling like it was mean to think that they were a sucker for this. It’s kind of weird, when people are super duper nice, you just can’t have a mean thought about them.

Also, people here aren’t used to dishing out or dealing with a New York attitude. It’s like they lack the immune system to protect them from it, so it doesn’t feel right to use it in this context. Then again, if someone really was trying to screw me, then it would probably come out then.