I’ve been using Premiere Pro CS6 at least a little bit every day since it came out. At this point I’ve pretty much forgotten all about Final Cut Pro 7 despite the little things that Premiere is still missing despite all the FCP editor feedback. The new features are good enough that I can forgive most of the missing ones. The thing though is that I’m REALLY nerdy about some of these little features that only other editors would care about and even then some might not be as enthusiastic about it.

So the people around me (Anna) have to politely smile as they blink their eyes as I explain my excitement for something that I might as well be saying in another language. This is one of those little features that only a Final Cut Pro editor would care about because I think this isn’t something that was a problem in Avid Media Composer.

(Video nerdiness follows)

So in Final Cut Pro, if you had a clip with effects on it or a clip that was non-native to the sequence you had to render it in order to play it. The problem was that if ANYTHING caused a portion of that clip to be not visible anymore in the Program monitor, the application simply forgot that the clip was ever rendered which means you had to RE-render it. If you turned off the track, re-render. A clip put in the track above, and then moved away? Re-render. New effect added? Re-render. Trimmed back and forth? Re-render.

So Premiere Pro is smart enough to just keep the clip as a rendered entity that stays rendered no matter what’s going on around it. Turn off the track visibility, move clips around it etc, no more re-rendering. This is also on top of the fact that most of the time you don’t even need to render because it’s capable of just playing back in realtime with multiple effects added even if you don’t have a CUDA enabled video card.

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