Well Adobe finally released their CS6 product line, so I was eagerly downloading my preorder last night. Like many other editors out there who used mostly Final Cut Pro I was hoping that it would be something people would end up calling Final Cut Pro 8. I had even compiled a wishlist of things that I hoped would be changed in this new version.

Well, that wishlist sadly only has a few things on it that were checked off. I stayed up way too late compiling a list of good, bad and hopes for future versions. I ended up being so disappointed that I fired up the trial version of Avid Media Composer just so that I could be in a new editing program where all the SUPER BASIC features I was hoping for have been for years upon years.

I guess now is the time where I start adapting a bit to Premiere instead of hoping it’ll adapt to me. If you’re into video editing then check out my blog post about Premiere Pro CS6. Unlike most of the coverage you’re going to read about Premiere this is going to cover the super duper minutiae that probably only other editors will understand why I’m making such a fuss over.