This week I finally finished my fan trailer for the game “Uncharted 3.” It’s the first real game trailer I’ve done where I captured all the footage myself and I’m VERY proud of how it came out. The day I uploaded it I showed it to my friends and got some nice comments but of course I was glued to the view count all day long which by the end of the day had reached about 150 hits.

But then yesterday the developer of the game, Naughty Dog posted it on their Twitter and Facebook page! So I got a lot of comments in a very short period of time. The problem then was that I was past that first day period where YouTube view count numbers update as you refresh. Now I’m in the territory where it will only occasionally refresh, so it’s been stuck around 300 which I know it’s gone past based on the number of comments and “likes” on their Facebook page alone. Anyway, I need to stop trying to bolster my self esteem by looking at the numbers and just move onto the next project.

Oh and for those who have played Uncharted 3 already (this has some spoilers in it) watch my trailer!