So I successfully got into my apartment’s top level which is like a mini storage loft with help from a neighboring apartment. There’s an outdoor stair which goes to a door to the apartment, but we usually keep that door locked so that people can’t come into the apartment from the roof (I discovered that locking the door totally works for that purpose)

There’s also another level up the ladder on the left there which goes to another area that we’re using mostly for storage. So I knew I had to get down and the sofa was below. It’s a 7 foot drop from the floor there to the sofa. I realized that I had a ton of random stuff in our storage area and tried thinking of what I could use to get down.

So close and yet still so far. Also, mad respect for Jackie Chan. He would totally just jump down. To think that in his movies the stuntmen fall from heights twice as high as this, onto vases and stuff.