Due to their location, PAX East and PAX Prime are very different animals even though the core of them are the same. PAX Prime is right in Seattle and has tons of great restaurants, supermarket and everything you need to survive a convention. We consider both of them to be our vacation but Prime is the real vacation. East however is now at the Boston Convention Center which is in the middle of nowhere, the restaurants are mostly hotel restaurants and the closest supermarket is a 20 minute walk away.

What this also means is that if you have to do anything outside of the convention it’ll take that much longer to do. Because of this, it’s becoming a tradition of stocking up on a lot more dry foods for PAX East and eating like we’re freshmen in college because time is of the essence and every minute not spent in PAX is a minute too long.

So this year we went to Trader Joe’s and got probably half a dozen bags of nuts, dried fruit and snacks. When we get there we’re going to go to a Japanese supermarket to get some nice cup noodles. Our sodium count is going to be through the roof! It’s just one weekend though so I think it’s okay.