I enjoy using my Android phone, but I do wish that it didn’t feel so necessary to root it, hack it and optimize it so that it works to its optimal potential. I wish I could use an iPhone for a day to get an idea of how the battery life compares, but even still there are fundamental things about Android that I’d really miss like being able to choose which keyboard I use.

But to really get my Android phone in the best place possible I have to install a custom ROM on it so that it’s not bloated down by HTC’s custom UI complete with a bunch of b.s. sprint apps that cannot be uninstalled and also so that I can use wireless tethering without paying Sprint a monthly fee. Then I need to install an app that manages the CPU speed during certain situations so that the battery doesn’t just run itself down instantly by running at full speed all the time.

I still plan on sticking with Android next time I get a phone because I enjoy the easy Google integration and stuff, but I hope at least having the new version of Android will make a lot of this stuff less necessary.

It’s also possible that my phone’s battery has been running down super fast because I get poor reception in my apartment and it’s searching for signal all the time. In which case, d’oh…