Before we moved here I read that San Diego has the hardest water of any city in the entire country. The way I understand it is that the pipes the water goes through here have a lot of minerals in them. I’ve also been told that faucets will need regular cleaning because of built up residue from the hard water.

Even though the government has regulations on the cleanliness of tap water (as opposed to bottled water which isn’t as regulated) I think San Diego might be an exception. The water doesn’t always smell, but every now and then when it’s running I’ll just notice a sort of musty smell. For cooking it’s been totally fine, but drinking not so much.

Getting a filter built into our sink is an option, but I’m pretty sure for the cost it still ends up being cheaper to buy gallon jugs of water at the store. We’re still analyzing our options, but so far been buying lots of water.