This really weirded me out. The mailboxes are outdoors and even though there are no names or apartment numbers, there’s a hole where the name or apartment number would be. People could totally stick small objects in there. Also, the system for small packages is that there’s a key that the mailman puts into your box and then you use that key to open the small package boxes next to the others. Then you LEAVE THE KEY in the MAILBOX KEYHOLE. Anyone could take that key walking down the street! Why would they want to? I don’t know, because without the key the mailman wouldn’t be able to put stuff in the box, but still it’s crazy to me!

Also in the building, the doors are outside as opposed to having only one door to the entire building that people need to be buzzed into. My mind is so boggled at the idea that I can’t even think of all the reasons that this wouldn’t work in New York, but it all boils down to security. Yeah, so I’m guessing San Diego is a pretty safe city.