A friend of mine was kind enough to drive us to the airport which was a great relief. The reason being that we had to transport Anna’s diabetic cat “Inari” in the tiniest cat carrier I’ve ever seen. The carrier was the official JetBlue pet carrier which was made to fit underneath the airplane seats. This means that the carrier is so small that the pet has to be lying down the entire time.

Usually when we transport Inari we have this awesome cat stroller where there’s plenty of room for her to walk around. She REALLY didn’t like being in this carrier at all. It was somewhat difficult to get her in and she was meowing the entire car ride to the airport. It didn’t make things any less stressful when we hit traffic due to three lanes of traffic merging into one.

Inari was a total trooper and after the car ride pretty much didn’t say anything at all. When you take a pet through airport security you have to take them out of the carrier and walk with the pet through the metal detector. She clung onto Anna for dear life and made it back into the carrier without too much fuss.

We were worried during the flight how quiet she was and kept on checking on her. But the good news is that she made it to San Diego OKAY and has made the transition as smoothly as we could hope for. PHEW.