The Academy Awards last night were pretty entertaining but (un)surprisingly suffered from a ton of filler about the magic of movies. I feel like they were especially heavy on it this year. I remember about an hour and a half into the show thinking “Whoa, there aren’t many awards left, this could wrap up really quickly.” But of course there was a bunch of fluff that padded it out.

Anyway, it was the big return of Billy Crystal who is looking like he had a bunch of plastic surgery and is starting to get some George Lucas neck. I remember vividly the last time they put him into movie montages ’cause it started with Yoda saying he has to go back to the Oscars. The first time I think was the year the English Patient came out. For me that was just about half my lifetime ago.

Nothing really big happened at the Oscars BUT they did leave out Sword Master Bob Anderson in their “In Memoriam” montage. Blasphemy! Watch CBS Sunday Morning’s short montage of him here.