This was during my second to last day in New York so I was quite desperate to get rid of my large furniture that I wasn’t taking to San Diego. At this point I had IKEA DVD shelves for free on Craigslist and once I had about a half dozen emails about them I took them off so that my inbox wasn’t flooded.

I called this woman because someone else didn’t work out and she was on her way to church when I called her Sunday morning. She told me that she’d get back to me around 3:00 PM. I was hanging around our empty apartment and ready to go to our goodbye party later that evening. So she calls me at 3:00 and is completely surprised that I live in Brooklyn. This all despite the fact that my listing said Park Slope on it and there’s no other region in New York called Park Slope other than in Brooklyn.

She seemed genuinely baffled that I was in Brooklyn and then told me that she couldn’t get the shelves. Great, waited three hours to find out this person was too stupid to know beforehand that she wouldn’t be able to get these free shelves. Thanks again Craigslist.