I did my best to Craigslist as much of my stuff I wasn’t taking to San Diego as I could. But still there were a bunch of odds and ends that I knew wouldn’t be worth taking either because they’re so cheap and take up a lot of space or didn’t want them anymore. I got rid of our cheap toaster oven, a laundry basket, some IKEA shelves that no one claimed despite saying they would, and some wastebaskets. One time during the day I was throwing stuff out I watched as one of the building managers tried to pile a bunch of my stuff onto a hand truck so he could cart it away.

But his strategy of using ropes was failing miserably so I watched as he tried to cart away my stuff but the stuff kept on falling off to the side etc. Yup, I felt very guilty. I know that it’s his job and that people have thrown out far larger and more inconvenient objects but I still dislike seeing the results of my laziness manifest in the form of making someone else work that much harder.