EDIT: Oops, my sense of time is still out of wack so it’s possible that you read this on Saturday because I posted it by accident. Oh well, new comic tomorrow!

One of my last slices was at John’s in the West Village. I went there for lunch with a friend of mine and it was a good last New York pizza to have (though they don’t do individual slices). There are some more that I’ll probably go to when visiting New York later this year. I still haven’t been to the famous brick oven ones like Grimaldi’s and being on vacation where you’re eating out for every meal sounds like a good time.

Anyway, I went to Filippi’s Pizza Grotto in San Diego which has four stars on Yelp. I’d describe their pizza as somewhere between a New York slice and a deep dish pizza, though much closer to the deep dish pizza. The crust was at least two or three New York slices thick and the cheese was proportionally bigger too. The pizza itself was only 16″ in diameter so it was dense. Two slices and I was full.

There was so much crust and cheese that after taking a big bite I was just chewing and chewing before I could swallow. Also it was a half cheese and half pepperoni pizza, but I didn’t realize until much later that they hid the pepperoni’s UNDER the cheese! I thought they had just messed up my order. I don’t understand, what if people want a cheese or pepperoni slice? How are they supposed to know which is which?

I’m not going to judge an entire state based on one pizza place, but first impressions are not good. There’s another place close to that one which Anna has been to which I think she said was worse. Two slices and a soda for $6 and the slices are apparently very small. Just to give some perspective, 10 years ago when I was a freshman at NYU there was a place you could get two slices and a small soda for $3. I’m guessing with grain prices going up since then it’s more than that, but even if it was $6 I know the slices would be bigger than what Anna described to me.